Things you want to know when you live in Japan as “Foreigner”

For Manga, Anime, Olympic, Fujiyama and Robot, there are many reasons for you to travel to Japan. But the fact is Japan is actually not so advanced  in many areas which could be a surprise for many people.

But in this blog, I will list some of the foreigner -friendly companies for you! 

Wenn du in Japan leben möchtest, hier sind die Ausländer-freundliche Firmen !

Sim card or Pocket WIFI

Internet on a mobile phone is pretty expensive in Japan and some company does not allow foreigners to make a contract. But there is a company that doesn’t do any examination and charge cancelation fee!

▼▼this one▼▼

you can choose from these plans first and if you like it, you can extend it easily.

  • 31 days 3600yen
  • 61 days 6580 yen
  • 91 days 8920 yen

You can use up to 4.5Gb for latest 3 days with high speed connection and if it is exceeded, then the speed will slow down to 256Kbps.

You can order it online but unfortunately they do not  have English Website so I will translate some of the words for you and if you follow these steps below, probably you will somehow make it! Please first click this ad to open the website and look at my website at the same time.

  1. click this ad

2. click the orange bit where it says 今すぐ申し込む(book now)

3. Choose how many piece (枚)of Sim you will need for each plan.

4. If you want to use it as pocket WIFI, then you can also buy the mobile wifi router for 8,000yen

5. お名前 your family name , your first name

6.お名前(カナ)Write your name in Katakana. You might wanna ask your Japanese friend how to write your name in Katakana.

7. 生年月日 Birthday. Write it in this order. Year, Month ,day

8. 住所 Adresse this mark ➞〒means your postal code. Choose your prefecture from scroll down.

9.連絡先電話番号 Contact number

10.メールアドレス E-mail Adress

11. Click the orange bit with the title “入力内容を確認する” . This means check your input.

12. If everything is correct,  send the forms. 


Finding apartment/Wohnung suchen

The rent in Japan is high in Japan and just like Sim Card, foreigners also have some trouble to find it. Here are foreigner-friendly apartment company which support 6 Languages (English, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese) and amazingly

  • No Depot
  • No renewal Fee
  • No key money
  • No handling Fee 

▼▼so click this ad below and choose your language and here we go!▼▼

I will keep adding more info if I find some foreign-Friendly Information in Japan, if you don’t wanna miss it, please subscribe!